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Coaching Deontology

Professional Ethics are important for any industry, however in coaching ethic is critical.

For those who are coaching, it is important that our profession stays under a solid deontology. How we conduct ourself has an impact on the future and how we shape the profession of coaching. We want to let a legacy behind for new generation and future coaches. How do we want this legacy to be?

From a place of excitement and enthusiasm about coaching I would like to stand in a place of professional pride. As coaches, we are working towards a greater clarity and pursuit of inner peace and happiness.

As I am certified Professional Coach, I promise to respect the ethical guidelines of the ICF. My commitment to you is:

  • I hold the content of my relationship with my client confidential. Even the name of my clients will not be quoted, unless the clients give me permission. Confidentiality is an absolute must. I will be honoring this confidentiality.
  • We don’t break the law for our client. We don’t act as accomplice for violence/abuse or charging services didn’t happen. 
  • I don’t guarantee results, because results produced belonged to the client and not to the coach. Consultants do it but the coach does not.
  • As professional coach, I don’t enter into financial agreement with client based on the result of the client as sales performance. No conflict of interest will be permitted.
  • When I honor agreements with corporation, I hold individuals as client and respect the right of confidentiality. When I coach and someone other than client is paying for the coaching, I design clear alliance from the beginning: addressing the progress will be reported out.
  • I do not work with clients that I cannot champion and see their growing edge. Championing stops when I am not holding my client as magnificent and huge. Then I need to put attention on self-management or refer the client to another coach.
  • I treat colleagues, competitors in coaching industry with honor and respect. It says a lot about me. 


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