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Unlock your potential

In philosophy, potential (future) person has been defined as an entity which is not currently a person but which is capable of developing into a person, given certain biologically and/or technically possible conditions.

To reach your potential, Kaplan suggests taking a deeply personal look at how you define success: Begin by recognizing that managing your career is your responsibility. Then, follow these three steps: Know yourself by identifying your strengths and weaknesses and the activities you truly enjoy doing.

“The essence of coaching lies in helping others and unlocking their potential.”

The best coaches put people first and results second. The best results come from people growing toward their potential. Growth comes from change, by leaving the comfort zone.

A coach asks powerful questions, listens carefully, connect genuinely, and inspires others to achieve their fullest potential. This can be growth and change in lifestyle, relationships, career or business. A coach is not a counsellor nor do simply give the answers; an effective coach empowers you to reach your potential, find the right solutions and achieve your goals. 

Does that mean your personal life coach will be better than you in the goal you would like to achieve? Not necessarily. Michael Jordan’s Coach was never a better basketball player than him or Kobe Bryant. But he was excellent at developing a winning game plan, and bringing out the best in his players. 



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