The different rythmes of our brain

The Success in life depends on our ability to educate our nervous system to wave in the right direction and mastering the different brain rhythms. How can we educate neurologically our brain to let its different rhythms working whether on the analytical or the creative side?

Let’s understand how each rhythm works in the nervous system.

5 rhythms are identified by the Neuroscience:

• Gamma is the rhythm of transcendence and enlightenment. This is where the mind is completely extinguished, we only see light, we have the impression that we are part of everything, and the whole is part of us. We are only connected to the state of unconditional love towards ourselves and towards all that can exist. We no longer feel our body, we no longer have the notion of space-time.

• Beta comes just below the Gamma rhythm. It is the rhythm of the intellect. Your mind and body are awakened and it is led by the analytic, by the space and time. The other rhythms have no notion of space and time. In this rhythm, the analytical brain can freeze circumstances, events, people and bring them back in time. As soon as you are in this space and time, you are in Beta; for example, when we watch the watch, we organize, plan things …

The Beta is divided into 3 different rhythms:

• The high-level Beta corresponds to over-adaptation. It is the drama of Western countries where most of people have their nervous system blocked in the upper Beta, while there is no reason in everyday life to be there: life is not at stake! Therefore, we set deadlines, we exaggerate it, and we are not able to meet them. Our nervous system is not able to respect these deadlines, and at this moment, our nervous system is blocked at the high-level Beta, and our brain will either minimize the deadline (appointment, engagement…) or exaggerate it, and we feel in danger. 

The first feeling that will be generated is “anxiety”, this emotion triggers the system of discomfort. Anxiety is this little stress accumulated and makes the nervous system believes that we are not up to it and we are not going to get there. Anxiety will start to cause impatience, impatience will lead to fear, and when the fear becomes very difficult for the brain waves to cope with it, the brain then starts to compartmentalize the fear, and creates a muscle of unease, as an oscillation between frustration and anger on one side and helplessness and guilt on the other side, all of this is locked by fear.

When we are stuck in the nervous system, we have to stay there for a few minutes or maximum hours but not continuously, our nervous system is not built for that. If we are continually in the higher Beta, we are continually on an act of adrenaline rush, we have arterial attention increasing, intestines contracting, muscles contracting, blood and oxygen going down to the muscles, and at this point our frontal cortex which is the ‘clever’ part of the nervous system is able to anticipate the future and to see the gift hidden behind negative events.

 Intuition cannot condition when we are in the higher Beta, the creativity which allows us to find the solutions cannot be triggered, that’s why our goal in life is to manage not to stay long in the upper Beta.

If for some reason X we go up to the higher Beta, it does not matter, but we must not stay there for long, otherwise we will burn ourself mentally and physically.

The high-level Beta is basically designed to save us, in case of danger, it will quickly think about adopting a fight or flight behavior, and the nervous system will trigger the instinct that exists in us to save us from this danger.

• The Mid-level Beta: corresponds to the learning rhythm. It is in this rhythm where new synoptic connections are created to trigger learning.

• The Low-level Beta: corresponds to the resting rhythm of the mind, our nervous system is in the known, it requires no effort to reflect, to think, as we are in the known. For example, in the morning, we go to shower, the thoughts we have are effortless.

• The Alpha: is the magic zone that triggers the imagination, it is the zone that interests us (Neuro-emotional Alignment System), our body and mind are awake, and are connected. The right brain is connected to creativity, we are not immersed in time or space.

• Teta: corresponds to classical hypnosis, the mind is extinguished and the body is awakened.

• The Delta: is deep sleep, the body and mind are asleep,

Our objective is to be able to be in Alpha to imagine new things, new ideas and also to be able to correctly use our Beta, our intellect in the service of our heart, our imagination, and our creativity.


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